Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Our CIM qualified marketing strategists can help you gain a deeper understanding of your markets and customers and create a customer led marketing strategy. 

We follow a tried and tested process to ensure that we capture all of the relevant information to create a holistic marketing strategy and planning document.

1. Internal Marketing Audit

The internal organisation audit looks at where you are now and reviews your existing objectives, resources and activity, plus the processes and systems you have in place. It's crucial to understanding what's possible with what you have and if there are any gaps that need to be filled.

2. External Audit

An external audit looks at what's going on in the world, addresses big picture factors not in your control but that impact your business plan - including competitors, customers and suppliers.

3. SMART Objectives

Based on your ambitions for the business we work with you to create SMART objectives based on the market information discovered in the audit. These will directly inform the overall marketing strategy.

4. Strategy Development

Success is more likely with the development of a long-term strategy based on your SMART objectives. Key components include segmenting your marketing, targeting the ideal customer and positioning your offer in the market.

5. Tactical Marketing Plan

With the strategy defined we can create a tactical marketing plan that reaches the target customers that have been defined. This is where we use our specialist inbound digital marketing activities.

6. KPI's & Metrics

To keep track of progress against the SMART objectives we identify and track key metrics such as revenue, website traffic and conversion rate. We also set KPI’s, all of which are viewed in out reporting dashboard.

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The percentage of businesses without a documented marketing strategy
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Companies with a marketing plan grow 30% faster than those without one
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Businesses with a documented strategy are 313% more likely to report success
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Businesses that set documented goals are 376% more likely to report success

Key Marketing Strategy Deliverables

There are a number of key deliverables at each stage of the consultancy process. These are combined into a professional and digestible marketing plan document for ongoing use within your organisation. The marketing plan includes the following key aspects.

  • A market report with SWOT analysis
  • Clear & measurable SMART objectives
  • Outline marketing strategy
  • Details on target segments 
  • Perceptual brand maps
  • Brand positioning statements
  • 1 page competitor profiles
  • 12 month tactical marketing plan
  • Budget recommendations
  • Clear & measurable KPI’s + metrics
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Strategic Marketing Agency & Digital Experts

As well as being a strategic marketing agency we provide digital marketing services to help your organisation implement the marketing plan. We have experience of working in many digital marketing disciplines including PPC, content marketing, SEO, social media and email marketing.

Alternatively, we can help to communicate the strategy to your in-house marketing team.

All results are tracked using our in-house reporting software. We give you access to real-time campaign results whenever you need them with your own personal log-in. 

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Get In Touch With Our Marketing Strategy Team

If you need clarity on business objectives and how would like to know more about how we can help you to achieve them we’d love to talk.

Contact a member of our strategy and consulting team today who will be more than happy to share their expert knowledge and advise on how our strategic marketing agency can help your business.