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Welcome to our digital marketing downloads and templates area. Here you will find a number of helpful resources from template marketing plans to industry reports.

Accurately calculate and allocate your marketing budget using our marketing budget excel template. Optimise your spend across your channels and align your budget to your marketing objectives.

This eBooks covers everything you need to know about B2B content marketing including how to create a B2B content marketing strategy and how to overcome common B2B content marketing challenges.

Being good at social media means capturing peoples attention with messages that resonate. Being great means knowing how to deliver those messages through the right channels at the right time. 

Customer shopping habits are always changing. eCommerce retailers must react quickly to stay relevant, deliver a superior shopping experience and drive eCommerce sales growth. This eBooks shows you how.

A guide to every aspect of the marketing planning process including proven frameworks to define your market, identify and profile customers and create a promotional plan to deliver on business objectives.

Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy for attracting new customers to your online channels. Download our free PDF (no email required) that explains inbound marketing fundementals.

selling products online without a website

You don’t need your own website to start selling your products online. Follow these steps and you could be selling products online quickly and cheaply in less than 24 hours.