Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

We work with you to identify, target and convert your ideal customers with powerful content marketing campaigns.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Our CIM qualified marketing strategists can help you gain a deeper understanding of your markets and customers and create a customer focused, lead generation marketing strategy. 


SEO is a critical discipline for ensuring prospects find your website in a competitive and noisy digital environment. Our SEO experts can help you gain more visibility in the search engine results.

Content Marketing

Our professional content writers will help you to inform, educate and build trust with your target market by writing powerful content for every stage of the marketing and sales funnel.

Social Media

We help you to define and implement engaging social media strategies that promote your website content, humanise your brand, engage your employees and demonstrate thought leadership.

Email Marketing

Using email automation we help you to nurture your most engaged leads and build long term and valuable relationships with existing customers to increase retention and customer satisfaction.

Digital Advertising

Our PPC team creates highly effective paid campaigns to generate qualified leads and re-engage those who have already interacted with your business online.

Content Hub

Start Your Journey To Inbound Marketing Success

Barnes & Shirley has extensive experience of creating inbound digital marketing campaigns that generate engaged and qualified leads. Our team are skilled in delivering a range of digital marketing activities and our CIM qualified consultants can help you to build a plan that delivers on your short, mid and long term business objectives.

Contact us today and speak with a member of our team about your lead generation goals and we can help to define the right strategy and tactics to help you achieve them.

Inbound Digital Marketing in 60 Seconds

Inbound marketing is the process of using carefully chosen tactics to attract customers to your products or services, rather than being disruptive and reaching out to them. The aim is to reach potential customers while they are actively in the market for your company offering, focusing only on those most likely to become a customer.